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Tips for Controlling Your Weight


Weight control diets are both good and bad, but it depends on how much you exercise and also what you eat. Most weight control diets will require you to reduce your calorie intake to a thousand or fewer calories per day.


The result of calorie restriction in your body is that the body goes into a starvation mode since it feels like you are in a famine after the calorie restriction and it, therefore, tends to hold every calorie available in the body as it gets ready for the next famine.


It's possible for one to regain extra weight especially when they get back to their previous eating habits or when they cheat on their diet. These are some of the reasons as to why most of the weight control diets fail to work, and one ends up gaining more weight rather than losing it, and at times they gain more weight than they had before.


It's wise to create the deficit of just a few calories per day rather than the idea of cutting a thousand calories per day since it's not good to starve our bodies. For effectiveness of this, the primary thing you can do is calculating the number of calories that your body needs on a daily basis for it to maintain original weight. Daily caloric requirements calculations are by use of different formulas which include the Katch-McArdle Formula and the Harris-benedict formula here.


After you have identified your daily caloric requirement, deduct it from it 15% to 20% to find the calorie intake for weight loss. After doing this, you will not be at the risk of regaining any of the weight you lose since reducing calorie intake by little amount does not bring about starvation. To understand more about weight loss, visit http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/weight-loss-success-story/.


Some of the weight control diets include celery and cream cheese foods which are for crash dieting and the cabbage soup diets. When on these diets, you're supposed to eat only one or two types of foods. When on such weight control diets, you will realize that you are only able to lose weight in the first few days. Such weight control diets are not appropriate to use since your body does not get the nutrition it requires.


The most reliable and best weight control diets at lovidia.com compel us to use healthy foods and also to exercise often. Exercises increase metabolism and when one does them, their bodies' burn calories quickly and efficiently.


Most books cheat people as they read on weight control diets making them apply strict limits on some calories they take per day this does not help in weight. reduction.